Monday, July 16, 2007

The Week-end and then there is Monday

Saturday - by 9:00 am I was ready to lock myself up. Lots to do and two whinny fighting gurlz. Not a pretty sight. Thankfully Mel came over with her two terrors and we commiserated with each other. By night time, there was little progress on anything, but hey it was raining and I swear the dirt pile in the front yarn went down at least a centimetre.
Sunday - meet Grandpa and Grandma Mary and all of big gurlz other side. Did not start off well (waiting on those who were setting the clock in the first place). In future, hang my fear of those border guards, we are getting the directions and going by ourself. Sorry big gurl daddy but you are s l o w and we could have gone straight there instead of driving all over Amherst and Snyder and Tonowanda and up and down Main Street. It was a fabulous day, and the big gurl came home with the Walt Disney World castle full of prince and princesses and lots of treasures. She was in 7th heaven (unable to sleep from sheer excitement and since we had to wait for the little gurl to come home, she got to play with the castle). I scored some sweet yarn from Insubordiknit (again) even though I swore I wasn't buying any more.
Monday - you would think that they would sleep in after being up half the night? (10:30 pm) No such luck. 6:00 am and yep they are still going strong. I could fall asleep where I am sitting typing this to you except for the fact that must find church bank book and cheque book. I mean it is nowhere. Looked everywhere and mis-suspicious me is sure someone broke in and stole it and the jar of American cash i can find nowhere. (yesterday just about tore the place apart looking for it yesterday and the birth certificate and ...
so, I even looked through the recycling bin today for the cheque book and bank book. NADA.

OH and even worse - (I know I said I wasn't buying anymore yarn but i love this yarn and wanted in on her sock club) - I was up so early that I thought I would check and see. The button was there but not yet activated. When I remembered during super busy work day to go check - OF Course she was sold out. I mean come on - isn't there such a thing as advance lucky lurkers? (no insult intended Angela)

Have to go now - tear apart my messy home to find the missing items and bury the gurlz under pillows to sleep I mean....
Why must they pick on each other?
Also must finish writing up pattern and knitting it and....well- that was grandpa, we don't have to be anywhere until 12:00 pm tomorrow. Suh weet.
And the little gurl is screaming and crying and carrying on and the big one is tired and grumpy and....
Bedtime is all I can say!

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