Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I crawled into bed and...I WANT...

Last night I cleaned up. No more stepping on junk. And I found the necessary paperwork and ...
Crawled into bed and the little one starts crying. I gave her a few minutes, but settling was not on the menu so over I went. She was gassy, so gripe water (after 15 minutes of convincing her it was good for her and a light baptizing with it) and some snuggles later, we are in my bed. After another 15 minutes or so, she seemed fine and nodded her head when i suggested her own bed so off she went.
Crawled into bed again. It didn't last. She was standing and screaming. So took her upstairs for a drink. The weather around here is a little strange right now (hot/cool, dry/rainy) so I turned on the dehumidifier/air conditioner/fan. Settled on the couch and even pulled out the neglected knitting. She crawled off my lap, and walked to where the videos are kept and came back with one. No lie - it was about 11:30 pm. She really wanted to watch it, and I was getting no sleep anyways, so I turned on the computer and put it in. The Berenstein Bears. Very nice. Good morals - wish the big one had watched it before the I want this and I want that day.
Didn't knit - eyes would not stay open and at the point on the sock where heel turning is imminent and on the special project - well I've frogged this part twice already so a clear head is required. Did contemplate starting something new, but it didn't happen.
She was settled after the video, so downstairs, clean diaper and tuck her into bed. Turn on the CD to lull her to sleep and... crawled back into bed. I glanced at the clock - it was 12:30 am. Happy thought - she'll sleep in.
Felt like i just crawled into bed, when she started again. Hurray it was morning.
Tried to convince her to snuggle, but she was having none of that - upstairs for drink NOW MOMMY! (the screaming was there, just not the words).
So, I got her some milk and started my day.
The only knitting that went on this morning, was the counting of the rows on the first and second socks, prior to starting the heel. They are exactly the same folks. I mean, I stopped because the natural striping of the yarn had hit the same part. But they are exactly the same. Glad I didn't knit them last night. Then the Disney princesses decided to play spin in the yarn and a big gurl found herself in a little bit of trouble. She couldn't figure out why - I mean the yarn was wrapped inside Sleeping Beauty's waist, but hey what's up Mom?

Today was the Niagara on the Lake excursion with the Outlaws. The big gurlz Dad, G-pa, G-ma2, and 2 G-aunts, 1 G-uncle and 3 2nd cuz's were there. And the 3 of us. It was fabulous - love wandering those awesome shops. Beautiful, quality items from around the world. The gurlz each got a pair of Dawgs. These are like Crocs but are not. The big gurl also got a lunch bag/purse, a Dream Catcher, and we all got some 'angel' ornaments for our tree. Lunch was in a delightful old restaurant called the Buttery.
I spent $6 for parking and that's it. Thank you so much David and Mary.
I don't begrudge the big gurl the gifts and am very thankful that the day went so well (the little one ate twice what the big one did and slept for half the trip - excellent).
What I am upset with from the big gurl is the but I WANT IT! I'm pretty sure I said, but Mommy said NO 20 times today. But she sure tried hard to get her own way.
Total melt down happened a few times. But I was strong and did not care in the slightest that she screamed through the store, at the checkout (especially when I told the lady I wasn't buying what she had snuck in the purchases, and into the parking lot and at the car and....
She was fine - except for refusing to go to bed.
Hey just another day in paradise. (phil vassar song).
Will try to post some of the funny pics from the last couple of days tomorrow. Must go buy something, knit and go to bed.


gurlygurl said...

Are you on vacation??? All this galavanting. That will be me next week. Funny that Daddy #1 has time for his parents but never his daughter......sorry...If he only knew what he was missing!

Batty said...

I hope everybody is done with fussing, having tummy aches, and absolutely demanding something this very minute. Get some rest!