Monday, July 23, 2007

Postless for a bit - perhaps a little postal?

I just realized it's been a while since i posted (for me anyways). I mean I posted on the SAM4 blog and on my 'project' blog, but not here.
We have been busy in our family - Grandpa and Grandma Mary left to make their way to Florida early this morning.
Yesterday we were back in the US ugghh.
Now don't get me wrong, it's nothing personal against the people in the US, it's just with young children you try not to cause them or yourself undue stress - like sitting in stop and go traffic.
But once again, there was the comment of the day - after sitting for just over an hour on the Queenston/Lewiston Bridge so we can go through US Customs (thankfully cool breezes abounded and the occasional comvertible, motorcycle and little childe distracted the big gurl - me my foot just went numb on the clutch - forgot to bring some knitting along).
Typical questions from the customs officer: Where are you going, how long are you going, who are these kids, Is that your mommy honey? Types away on his computer for a minute - You don't come over often. no, no, I don't. Inside I'm screaming - I have to pee!!! my 6 year old has made friends (albeit only visual) while waiting to see you and my little one has gotten her afternoon nap in - I just want to go over there- about 5 miles - no biggee right - just the matter of this big bridge with you (and your lovely friends) making me wait so you can ask me questions, peruse my ID, slightly frighten my child and then you make a comment like that? HELLO?!?!? you are lucky the little one was sleeping and the big one was excited.
It was a wonderful day of sunshine, ARTPARK and waterpark at Fort Niagara.
The company was fabulous - we miss you already David and Mary - move closer please. (not until we have an opportunity to come and see Walt Disney World a few times but a little closer?) A couple of comments struck home - they are envious of the big gurlz father and his mother - Grandma. Unfortunately, we have likely seen as much of them for most of July and possible even August as we will. Kind of bittersweet.
Saturday was deadly expensive - went for new coffee maker - lovely brick red, and to price out dishwasher (the dishes are still waiting to be finished). Very nice lady helped me out and I told her had to figure out the cost for installing the necessary hook-ups. That was done, little gurl given to her father and off the big one and I go to the car shop.
The car has beautiful new oil and air filters, drain plug and 2 new tires. She be needing some new brakes soon, but we want to eat this month. Darn it (tee hee - already paid for the lovely yarn clubs so can't return that). Needless to say, we do not have a dishwasher or a new mattress set (they were so loverly and on sale 'sigh').
I am almost finished knitting the 'project' - a little tweaking to do!
The 2nd M&K sock has a turned heel and we are on the gusset (may be a wee bit of frogging as there is some funny business going on).
I started Amanda's Squatty Sidekick as my mindless/need to cast something on project.
That Yarn Oddities from Pixieriot is calling to me (it's already pullballed, with the required needles and the pattern is already to go). They are to be my August socks for SAM4 (first one ever) and part of me wants to hold off starting them until August and another says finish the M&K and another says - oh just cast on and the next says wouldn't that yarn look nice as Eyelet Rib Toe-ups by Wendy Johnson and the last part says shut up already and go to sleep you have to work in the morning and then you have to block that ... and those socks won't knit themselves and what about the dishes?!?!?!?!?!
'good night - sleep tight'!
Oh - the postal bit - my Yarn Pirate is not here yet and my last Insubordiknit (plus the extra order from her). That is likely all the yarn that will be entering for a bit (I mean Lucky Lurker club and Yarn Pirate are already ordered). I'm pretty sure that's it.
Yes, the lovely Duet sock yarn arrived last week - I will try to get some pics up (sure i said that at least once last week) before the end of this week.
go to sleep
going going


gurlygurl said...

Should have gone with the dishwasher. You can store it in the living room. LOL JK. Miss you.

Batty said...

Take a nap. Maybe the yarn will get there when you wake up!