Thursday, July 19, 2007

Knitting time

So today I had to wait at the doctor's after my allergy shot. So I knit on sock 2. Since I have had such success with socks, I am in the yarn pirate Booty club and the Lucky Lurker's sock club (duet sock yarn). I also signed up for SAM4 starting in August. Oh and SP something or other. Looks like fun and games to me. Must go figure out how I made something and convert it into words. I love words, don't get me wrong, but sometimes its easier to just do than to write. Oy.


Karen said...

Burray for socks!!! Sounds like your's will be awesome, considering you are a member of those two beautiful yarn sock clubs. Glad to have you on board for SAM4.

Batty said...

When it comes to knitting, doing is definitely easier than writing. Good luck! I'm struggling with the same thing right now.