Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Whew, It's Tuesday Night and It's Alright

This weekend was a roller coaster of emotions and stuff.
My washer broke on December 18th, after doing 2 loads of bedding, it died after filling up with water for the 3rd. Dad looked at it, emptied and played with it, and it was still broken (filled up again, but did no washing). I had no time to go looking for one until, I thought on Saturday. Unfortunately, do to the holiday homework assignment, we didn't leave the house. There was plenty of discussions and stressing, but only a couple pages of the My Christmas Traditions grade 1 project were completed. Sunday - there was church and dishes and .... then this is the day she needed a nap. Some friends came over to exchange gifts and play, and by the time they left, she still wasn't going to do the homework. On the positive side, I have more red coloured kitchen utensils - Thanks Shannon!!! *and the gurlz have some more toys.
Monday - I was at work just after 8:00 am cause I knew we had 24 hours to do the project and I needed to be at work for 8 of them and the big gurl needed to sleep for about 10 and....
Mentioned in passing to my next door desk neighbour that I needed a washer. HE KNEW SOMEONE WHO HAD ONE!!!! For $150 as opposed to $500 ++++ Arrangements were made to go see it tonight after work (due to the aforementioned deadline for the homework project)
After work we came straight home and the homework came to the table. I planned on doing the dishes as she worked on it, so I could help out with spelling. I almost ran away from home. Arrgghh She's only in GRADE 1 - I have 11 more years of this plus 14 with the other one (oh please Lord, let the little one be a natural student who never has to be told and...)
Let's just say that the homework was completed this morning - about 5 minutes before we left for work, school and daycare. When I asked what was said - (a classmate) didn't even colour hers Mommy. Whew, I have survived major homework assignment number one.
The washer - we went directly from daycare to the house (2 major streets away). It is an apartment sized washer, which still holds a lot of clothing. It is currently washing load #2.
I still have the broken one in the middle of my basement, but considering the 2 Don's were both late for dinner and we didn't have a dolly cart, I wasn't going to make them lift the thing out.
Ladies - I AM WOMAN!!! I disconnected the old one (without making a big mess) sort of dragged/shimmied it off of the washer stand and out of the way and them put the new one in place (after vacuuming the disgusting stuff that collected over the last 13 months and pouring a little bit of baking soda/vinegar down the drain tube). The manuals were left at the old place - not sure how but that is that, so I just pushed some buttons, put some soap in and tried it out. Except for on really nasty stain on one of the towels, the stuff looks great.
I'm so excited, I just can't hide it, I'm about to gain control of something and I like it!!!!!!
I ordered yarn for my sister's afghan, and even found 4 skeins of the same colour on Destash, just in case. I know they are likely different dye lots and will have shades and... but it's a lot better than ordering 10 regular priced skeins.
The dishes are still getting away from me and the housework and I think my renovations won't happen next week, and my front step is totally skewed and... it's like 16 degrees Celsius here.
But I'm so happy!!!! I have a beautiful washer!!!!


Stephanie said...

Congratulations on your new washer :D I had myself a good giggle when I read your previous post - about your favorite colored yarn...the way I read it, it seemed like your hair is green ;) Happy New Year (belated)!

Nell said...

Congrats!!!! You rock!!!! Way to set up that new washer!! Rock it out!

Anonymous said...

Great job! I love when I just DO something instead of waiting for my husband to do it... it's so empowering isn't it!

Heather said...

Color me impressed.
Great Job.
Is 16 degreees celsius warm?(stupid American:) Like the weird weather we have nere in the midatlantic? 70 degrees farenheit today!!!!!!January 8.
I got married 1/13/96 after a historic snowstorm so this is very weird!!!

nanaknits said...

Why do they always pick a holiday to break? I had that happen to me twice. 1st time a friend came over and fiddled with it underneath and figured out it needed a part that cost less than a dollar (whew!). Second time, (was sure it was kaput) spent most the day calling local appliance places having holiday sales, but no delivery for like 5 days, gave up. Checked it the next day on a whim and it started working again like nothing was wrong. But, oh the frustration. Glad to hear you were able to replace yours so quickly and economically.

gurlygurl said...

THE RENO IS HAPPENING....He is working through the weekend so it's happening.....He told his client you had been waiting 2 years and could not put it off longer...ok little white lie but you are more important then his crazy client....

peaknits said...

Wow - all in all Tuesday was a great day! Way to take care of business and get that new washer all ready to roll!