Monday, December 17, 2007


I finally mailed out my WWCS package. It may get there before the 31st - I have a tracking number and everything so my recipient will hopefully enjoy some coffee goodness before the new year. Funny thing - she has 2 gurlz, I have 2 gurlz, at least one is redheaded - we all are...
I think I did a good job of spoiling her - the box couldn't hold anymore.
Wendy was the winner of my contest - I was her SP11 spoiler, so today I mailed a box of yarny goodness. The handmade items that were to make it in all my swaps... well maybe next year.
Christmas parcels - well they are still on the kitchen table. I cannot find Grandpa and Grandma Mary's address. I save every return address label that I get from them and guess what - they are nowhere to be found. I know they are somewhere safe... Now would be a really good time for big gurl'z father to call - useful things you know. If anyone out there lives in Florida and knows them, could you send me their address (phone number is in the same place)
My little sister's package is still on the table. I am looking for something else to put in it - without adding a lot of bulk and weight. Thinking a gift card, but unfortunately, I haven't found one yet. Had to call Mom for her address as the address book was AWOL - found it after the fact but not one of those little labels were in it.
I spent the night and morning snuggling my little gurl. She spiked a temperature last night - around 9:00 pm and it just keeps coming back. I have to admit I am paranoid as last Christmas Day she had one of those febrile seizures and we were in Emergency for a few hours - pneumonia. This is like deja vu of last year so she has had a chest xray and we are working on the urine sample - I think I will ask Nell for some advice on that one. Try to get a 2.2 year old to pee on demand. HAHAHA. She went the minute I walked away to let her just do her thing. Guilt is eating me up - shouldn't have had a tub with them, shouldn't have let her play outside, should keep her in a glass bubble, change her diaper every hour, .... I have a headache from the guilt - and bet you anything I have something before the end of the year - always get sick during the holidays.
Nothing has been done. I don't count one pot of soup (had to eat dinner) and one sink of dishes. My laundry room got super clean yesterday - I think I am in the wrong house when I walk down there. We received at least a foot of snow yesterday - after 8:30 am and before about 6:30 pm. Thanks to Don for coming partway through to snowblow a portion anyways.
I snuggled the little one (and slept myself) for about 3 hours this morning (after I shoveled the snow and the freshly snowplowed driveway - they came by TWICE with the plow while I was out there. Really need to pick up some decent snow boots.
We were at the doctor's from 1:00 to 2:30 - but they did the xray super fast and he looked at them and couldn't see anything. I appreciated the fact that he didn't brush it off as flu or nothing, cause I'm not usually one to panic. (side effect of the fact that still feel guilty for last year's nightmare illness - imagine a room of all your aunts, uncles and cousins and thinking your baby is dying).
Sorry for the drama and guilt, but I think that like most parents, the worst imaginable thing could be something bad happening to your child and it has me all torn up.
No knitting done today - arrgghh guilt again cause big gurl'z purse won't be done and little gurlz socks and nephew's scarf (and possibly matching Koolhaas) and niece's ?!?!?!?!
I cancelled my Booty Club subscription cause I feel that I have more yarn than clothes that fit properly and well, the house needs insulating and.... I AM ON A YARN PURCHASING DIET. If it is not paid for as of today, it cannot come in the house (unless extra ball required for nephew's gift).
She had some left yet at around 8:00 pm. Resisting here.


Knitting Mama said...

I cancelled my Yarn Pirate too. To be honest, I didn't really like the last 2 months. :( Let's see what's sent this month.

Hope we won't miss you at RN's sock club!!!

Miss Me said...

oh no! one of my staff has just gone to get her daughter at school. temp all weekend. today it is sore throat, headache and temp... dr.'s office is closed so next stop for them is emergency. i've asked her to let me know how they make out. enjoy your snuggle time... try not to feel guilty about it... being mom is always far more important than housework (and sometimes more important than knitting).

Nell said...

I wouldn't really know what to tell you! Fluids. Rest. If her temp stays above 100 call the doctor. Your motherly instinct is probably much sharper than my advice! I hope all is well soon.

gurlygurl said...

Syd had temp from Friday to Tuesday. When I took her to dr on Mon she had strep. She never complained about a sore throat and today she barfed all over the van as K was taking her to school. Keep fingers cross for tomorrow.
Love ya

peaknits said...

I hope your little one is on the mend - it is so frightening when you have a sick child - our minds just race with all of the horrible possibilities. I canceled my yarn pirate as well - I'll nabd with you on this diet - actually another blogger called it being "mindful" about yarn purchases, I like the idea!:) Take care and hope everyone gets healthy and stays healthy for the holiday!