Saturday, December 22, 2007

Coffee less for a little...

Yesterday morning I didn't make it to work. I could just feel that I was sick. No throwing up or the other, but just the thought that it could happen was more than enough. I picked up the little gurl who was still a little off and we came home to watch videos (I drove halfway and thought I was going to be sick). At 10:30 am the school called that big gurl was unwell. Out we went. She was burning up (and considering her class room was filled with yummy treats and she just wanted to come home). She came home and slept and then the little one slept and just when i would have gone to sleep the big one woke up and just when she was going back to sleep the little.... You get the idea. My mom didn't come down cause I told her not to. She felt bad cause, believe me, I could use the help.
Little gurl was well enough today to go with Daddy and big gurl is about 85%. Me is at about 65%. Super tired and achy. Managed to pick up gifts for the men in and out of my life and the gurlz are now done. I just wish the maid would come by...
I can't even stand the smell of coffee right now. That means I am not well.
Knitting has been accomplished however - little gurl's original pair of socks just need grafting at the toe and the ends woven in. Big gurl's purse is almost to the handles. The scarf is on a time out and well still haven't started something for the niece. If they get something they get something. If not, oh well.
My sister called Thursday night and she was flying about the present I sent. That really made my night. The other packages are 'somewhere' between the main sorting place and their destination - the US ones have entered the US.
I watched the first 3 Harry Potter movies yesterday (again). The next two are coming, along with a gift for the gurlz, but I don't think they will make it before Christmas. I haven't seen either of them yet. Read all but the 7th book - just haven't made it to the library to get it out. Funny about the HP videos - big gurl won't watch them, but little gurl just sat beside me commenting occasionally on stuff - the baby Harry, the cat, the dog, the owl, the car, the train. Guess she isn't quite as sheltered as her sister was at that age.
Pictures should be coming soon, once the ends are done and things get a little farther along.
Merry Christmas if I don't get on before then!!


peaknits said...

Oh dear I hope you are feeling better soon - why is it that we get sick at the holidays? I can remember having the flu on more than one Christmas morning, what a drag. I hope you all feel better for Santa!

gurlygurl said...

Hey Sweetie, my maid is on strike or I would offer her for your services.. :-)

Hope you are feeling not so much, but nothing sleep and advil won't take care of... too much wine

nanaknits said...

I hope you and both girls are feeling better soon. I had one of those Christmas' back when mine were still little and know how tough it is. I wish you the best of everything for Christmas.

Batty said...

I hope you're feeling better!

The husband and I just finished a Harry Potter Cuddle-a-Thon, watching all 5 movies in 3 days and cuddling. It's a great holiday activity! said...

Hope everyone was well in time for Christmas!!!!
Thanks for the package what a gift!

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better. We finally are!
WWCS pal

Jacque said...

Hope you all had a nice Christmas and are feeling better. We've been battling the cold cycle down here too.