Monday, December 10, 2007

Silence, final SP11 parcel and other stuff..

Little gurl with her surprises from Katie - chapstick, bath salts and candycane snowman.

Sorry I was away so long - I've been lurking and reading, but just forgot to post.

So what's up?
My dishes are done - 2 days in a row (well except for the 7 soaking right now, but I will get to them).
I received a totally amazing final SP11. I am going to try to get the picture (again) to post here. These things are not going so well for me.
Here is the picture - not very clear, but actually on my blog. There was Fleece Artist sock yarn in (just a minute while I go find the letter from Katie) no label - not losing it here, it is awesome greens and browns. SRK cool spun cotton - dish cloths anyone (perhaps commandeered for doll blankies) lovely cupcake notecards set, Lavish soap in Rain & Vanilla Bean, Craft N Things Holiday magazine - lots of ideas in there, Ganong Mint Chocolates and Truffle Pig in milk, peanut butter and Dark and Raspberry. YUMMY. Have managed not to eat it yet. THANK YOU MISS ME!!!!

In knitting land, I have finished the knitting part of the Saartje's booties but face the daunting task of finding a home for all the ends - about 10 per bootie. Cinderella slipper #1 is complete (with the exception of the ends) and fits beautifully on little gurlz foot. Big gurl says it is just right for her and that we should wrap it up for Christmas. I really tried. I think I will try the same pattern on 3mm needles with a heavier weight sock yarn - they should fit big gurl. The socks that began for little gurl are at about 5 rows before the heel turn. If I didn't have quite so many projects on the go, things would actually be finished.

We made our necessary trip to the Needle Emporium on Saturday. Needed, because the big gurlz sweater was their and well, its always nice to fondle different yarns. I came home with yarn for the nephew's scarf, Malabrigo lace (mini skein) for me, and Rowan 4ply soft (or whatever it is called) for my I Love Gansey's. Felt pretty good about this until we stopped at one of the LYS that are closing and I found some other yarns - pinks and purple for the big gurl and some pretty variegated for my contest winner. There was a little bit of Christmas shopping done, but unfortunately big gurl is not that patient and we came home without some of the essentials - gifts for little gurl and grandparents and fathers and...

Today I bought my gift from the gurlz - and will wrap it with love from Santa for under the tree Christmas morning. I know, I should have theirs done first, but this is kind of for them as I am getting them something similar (just not brand new, cause their feet keep growing!!!

Oh yes - we have a tree - that was Friday, after the little gurlz Christmas concert and helping decorate cardboard gingerbread houses with big gurl - we bought a tree. We also survived the decorating of said tree on Sunday. Can't wait until they are a little bit older and know not to knock into the tree.

My Dashing fingerless mitts have slowed down a little. The first is almost finished - the thumb and the bind off, however I want to put little finger dividers in, so I have to follow the Noro mitt pattern for that and actually need to concentrate. My stole has been knit on a little, but am trying to get the holiday knitting for others done (which means no stole, socks or mitts for me) and there is still a scarf with matching hat (maybe) for nephew, something for niece, Amanda's Squatty Sidekick for big gurl, and the 2 pairs of socks for little gurl to do. Those are on my for sure to do list, but also would like to make Mom and Great Grandma (big gurl) slipper socks - or even to finish the pair started for Mom, plus have a project to complete for volunteer hours for little gurlz daycare and there is a WWCS package to complete along with contest prize to go out. Happily the yarn is all in, it is just a matter of picking up the little things.

Lunch time at work has turned into designated shopping times - I think Dollar store for stocking stuffers or Giant Tiger for other gifts is on the menu tomorrow. (walking distance rule) Also need to make a run to Toys R Us for the specific items I haven't been able to find anywhere else. But may try online first.

Here is big gurl with her surprise from Katie - chapstick, bath salts and a lovely candy cane magic want.
Somewhere in there I have to do laundry and clean up a few rooms in this house. Oh and knit all the yarn that has 'moved in and stashed itself'. I may be stopping any future purchases soon - until I knit at least 15 things? after of course I hit the final closing sale at the LYS. Trying really hard to control the urge to shop.


Miss Me said...

i'm glad that you all enjoyed the package! as you noted, with 2 sharons as swap pals, it started to get a little confusing for me... and we all know that i am muddled enough without any help! ; )

Sharon said...

Katie is an AMAZING spoiler, isn't she? You are very lucky, my girls ran off with my chocolate and laid claim to what they want made for themselves with the yarm. Selfish little buggers aren't they? ;-)

gurlygurl said...

Hey Red, next project is dish clothes, so you will need to show me what yarn to use. Started E's scarf and I am attempting a pattern. My own really. I even marked the needles with a P for pearl and K for knit cause I am always forgetting where I am. Will have to buy you new needles. Kind of liking these ones.