Thursday, September 4, 2008

September happenings

Getting to be a once a month blog over here.

Ugh - allergy land and renovation hell and housework nightmare and throw in a couple of funerals and oh some back to school and heck they still expect me to work. (no discussions allowed of the pair of socks that made it to the heel - yes both - and are currently in sweet little pull balls waiting for try number 3)

I have done some knitting. Lizard Ridge block number 3

sotsIII - hint 3 complete

Hopefully the picture pulls up bigger when the post is sent.

talk later


Emma of Flitwick said...

That is one beautiful looking stole!

Miss Me said...

ooohhh...aaahhh...! i haven't even started hint 3, but now i REALLY want to. your stole looks lovely.

Batty said...

Lovely knitting!

I'm sorry you've been having a stressful time of it. You deserve some happy peaceful knitting time to relax!

Anonymous said...

Love that first colourful wavy thing. It's so lovely. Miss you. We have something for you. Call me!