Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Spending Money

I ran into a glitch last weekend. Well kind of. Friday was get groceries while big gurl was dancing and then because I was feeling feverish and extra sniffly, I went to the local urgent care clinic. I don't go to the doctor unless I have to. I dread that biannual appointment for womanly things. But I was feeling unwell enough to go. He gave me some antibiotics - just a minute, realized I forgot tonight's, cause we ate out (pizza - the gurlz love it and well, it's payday and there is no pizza in my house - with tip $28).(oh and I had a $.75 pop today too)
Anyways - $100 later I get my prescription. OUCH.
Saturday was little gurlz dance - returned her $31.44 dance bodysuit cause she fits her sister's. Then went to get running shoes for big gurl - took no time, only one pair of shoes in hand and the girl says: If you buy two or more you get 40% off. Even if it's a $2 pair. I had to think. I do need another pair for work. So I went back to the shoes I had drooled over but put back cause they were $30 (discount shoe place - you get what sizes are there, believe me I tried on a large number). And I go up to the counter with $20 running shoes and $30 brown suede loafers. She rings it in - it comes to $31.43. No kidding here. Then I returned an unnecessary item to Canadian Tire, putting me up a little bit once again. (forget what it cost)
Of course I then had to go get a second bodysuit at Zellers (but I did return something that didn't fit me), along with a few other necessities - batteries for camera (if they had had the dishwasher in stock it would be in my kitchen now cause I burned my hand cooking breakfast that morning and tried to potato peel my finger during dishes). We also went out for lunch.
Sunday - donations for church DON'T count. But I did return $40 of stuff to Home Depot, so that was good. Sunday night I had a financial nervous breakdown and cut up all my credit cards, reduced the limit on my MasterCard (cut up, but info retained for things like booking stuff online and maybe a little yarn....) But no regular shopping on it anymore. If the cash ain't there, no spend it.
Monday - I was sick at home, spent nothing. Did however get some money from big gurl's Dad - we worked through some of our issues - meltdown the previous night had me going to, well does it make sense to call him my best non-female, semi-platonic, but intrinsically involved friend? I think that would be a good description. Anyways, he is going to work on his support paying habits for me.
Tuesday - paid the Gas bill.
Wednesday - (see above) Payday.

On the knitting front: I finished hint number 5 on SOTS iii. Love this pattern.
My February Lady's Sweater is restarted - went to the large size as the neckline was not working for me. I am still working on the increases for the yoke.
I started Blythe for little gurl. Am 4 inches into the bodice and, well I guess going down .5 mm makes a big difference (especially if yarn is a little thinner weight too) I may cast on for Monica in the round for her as it is just stockinette. Am still going to work on Blythe as love the pattern, but maybe my niece will be getting it instead.
That's it for now.


Nell said...

Sounds like you're doing pretty well! Good job! It's not easy is it?

Heather said...
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Heather said...

YEAH! Your doing great! Ugh I have the same thing going on and then Georgie boy speaks last night and I seriously consider moving to Canada...Do they need teachers????I hear they have fabulous yarn! Money and finances depresses me so I want to run to new Zealand and hide until it is over....