Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Day 1

so nothing spent today. Wow. The Home Depot bill came in and I think i need to return some items (I know I need to). Once I do that, can I spend the credits????
The only hard part about today was that some potato chips made their way to the vending machine and I wanted some. Other than that I had no desire to spend unnecessary funds.
This need to control means I will not be going to the Knitters Fair. I had already kind of decided, but this really ensures that I won't.
I do have to sign the gurlz up for dance and that will be necessary spending. But a mother must do that sometimes.
Oh and our thanksgiving is October 13th this year so the worst thing I have to get through is little gurlz 3 birthday.
It's still really early though....

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Nell said...

No spending those credits!