Saturday, August 23, 2008

Has anyone seen August?

It is August 23rd today. My last post was August 11th. Seems like ages since Stitch n Pitch but for some reason the clothes I wore just got washed today.
I am sick with a yucky allergic cold. Little gurl popped a temperature yesterday, freaking me out, but at last check (about an hour ago) has been temp free for about 7 hours. She has the sniffles too though so I am hoping it's a cold.
Big gurl's great grandmother (Dad's Nan) died last Friday and Wednesday and Thursday of this week were very busy with visitations and funeral stuff. I suspect that the flowers in the funeral home were one of my allergy triggers, but have really felt lousy since about, well Monday.
I finished the first hint for sots iii - and have made some headway into the second one.
Today was spent resting, buying groceries and catching up on some of the housework and laundry. It's slow going with little gurl being a bit clingy.
One thing reaffirmed for me this week is that I should have worked harder to keep big gurl's father and although he helps out, I was lucky to escape from little gurl's father. That being said, I love both gurls, it's just their dad's who have some mental issues (I CAN SAY THIS - I KNOW I HAVE MENTAL ISSUES!!!)
I love the new Vogue knitting and Interweave Knits and am already trying to figure out if there is enough stash yarn to complete some of them. I don't have the foggiest clue when I will get time to do that knitting.
Talk to you later.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon!

Hope your girl is healthy by now! :)

Vogue Knitting is out?? Oh.. I hope I recieve it soon :) Now you left me sooo curious.

I haven't finished my sweater yet... It's so hot here in Portugal that I get all sweety for only looking at yarn!



Batty said...

I'm having a similar experience over here. It's amazing how time flies -- or we're just getting old and crotchety!