Thursday, September 11, 2008

Money spent today - 2 paycheques

Of that I purchased veggies and fruit (ten dollars) and a bag of chips to round out the last of the homemade soup. Dance necessities - $270 - two pairs of shoes per child... one bodysuit and tights. Of course the dance classes themselves - priceless - hahahahahaha. It will be worth it. And the other pay cheque - renovations of course. But they are moving along.
(yesterday was a coffee cause work was freezing and food at knit night - less than $20.)

In knitting land - the sots iii is 2 rows from completion of hint 4. Tomorrow is #5 and that means I will move over the halfway mark - #4 will be completed before I slumber this evening.

My prayers are with all the people sent scurrying from Ike - obey the people in charge and well, hide from the elements.

Have a great night.


Miss Me said...

i've got to get caught up on that stole! kids are expensive, aren't they? i consider myself lucky that i only needed to buy indoor shoes for younger son for the start of the school year, but we all know that winter boots aren't too far in the future....

Nell said...

My other comment got eaten!

But hopefully, the school years gets less expensive as it goes on!

Batty said...

Dance lessons are fun. I hope the little dancers have a blast!