Tuesday, October 2, 2007

2nd pair of socks syndrome

So I am trying to make myself a second pair of socks.
The first try - vanilla with Marks & Katten, went to Mel (okay they are still here, but they are for Mel).
The 2nd try - own pattern, Skinny Duet, frogged, 3 times and currently on time out.
The 3rd try - Super Soxx, turned into a fingerless mitt and then was frogged as too tight.
The 4th try - Monkey socks in Yarn Oddity - too small and frogged (will happen someday)
The 5th try - going to Mom as she loves them and they fit her perfectly.
The 6th try - Firestarter in Pomtini. Unintentional editing occurred but given my interpretation of the measurements, appeared fine as my foot is much smaller than the measurements given (or was but is now a cm longer>!>!>!>). Anyways, I am plodding on until I turn the heel. I will see the size then - if it is just too snug - my sister will get them, if it is a lot too snug, they will be frogged. stupid that as there is only one that has been worked on and I still have another to go. partly due to the previous post about my mother and the fact that I am a starter of some things and perhaps not always completed (dishes, men, knitting, sewing, relationships) you get my drift.
Why not frog on Sunday? well I am afraid the yarn will not frog well which will mean a ruined skein and I have to frog the little gurlz sock so another frogging will feel like a flogging and I may give up knitting entirely to sew and crochet.
On a fun note, I bought the Simply Knitting due to the delightful knitted Noah's Ark by Alan Dart. Will I knit it? I don't know, I have a delightful Crocheted Noah's Ark Pattern and a knitted Creche (or is it crochet) that have never been started either.
So, if anyone out there has a desire for this magazine and the Noah's Ark Pattern, please let me know. There is a lovely stole in it that I would like to try, however, I have the SOTS to do.
Oh and I think I am close to 100 posts so - on my 100th post there will be something going on. What I don't know, cause I don't kno-ow much, but I know I love you-ou and that may be-e-e-e all I ne-ed to know! (couldn't resist that).
Off to bed with me now...

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Anonymous said...

Hi there! I picked up that Simply Knitting today too. The Alan Dart patterns are always wonderful. I love the tiny chimp and zebra! But likely it'll just go into my collection too. ;O) You are having sock troubles! My sympathies. Keep on, though, 'cause you'll get there. samm