Monday, October 29, 2007

Long Weekend?

Not in days but in hours. I mean, when you wake up feeling a little tired, but sure, you slept late and then glance at the clock and it is not even 7:00 am. Yuck. And what is it about a house of gurlz, that means if Mom is PMSing, then everyone is?
The dishes war was almost one, however there are new ones again so round 3 is already in the loss.
On the knitting front? Big gurl's socks are just under 3 inches in - magic loop method, two at a time. BUT unless some miraculous time shows up, they will not be completed for my October SAM4 socks. Oh well. The stole is at row 220 and I have charts to row 330. So, I am a little behind, however my goal is to only be on the last hint when a new hint is released, so I have to do 40 rows before Friday morning. I can do 20 (approximately) an evening (but nothing else gets done). The Harvest Sock, I Love Gansey is a gorgeous pattern, but the yarn and I are not getting along, so I may have to put everything else on hold while I finish it. The only other WIPs are the baby blanket and sweater that never were given to little gurl, the Moeibus head scarf and Sock #2 for Mom, however it is not started so I just have one single sock going on.
On the yarn front. I tried. But when it is grumpy Saturday and you arrive at the yarn store to discover it is 50-60% off everything, you look around. I have new yarn - some for my swap partner (cause you can buy more when it is on sale) and some (LOTS) for me. Just need some time.
The CRACKs in the house have been evaluated by contractor Keith and we have decided to repair and patch, and see what happens over the winter. So, my next day off (Nov 12th) will be spent fixing around the house.
No knitting was done Sunday, however some scrapbook paper destashing and some quilt planning went on along with major tidy clean in living room and some dinner with friends.
Must go now as it is 7:41 am and the big gurl is still asleep, the little gurl smells and I must get us all dressed and out of the house by 8:15 am at the latest or we will be late.
(but crafting must still occur)

P.S. On Saturday evening, big gurl and I did some card making/embossing stuff. I know why I enjoy doing this, and once the 'room' gets organized, will be able to pull out the stuff to do an occasional item. Have big plans for a handmade gift for my SP and swap partner, but not sure when the time will appear. of course if I hadn't spent a half hour just thinking about it, but actually did something I would already be started now wouldn't I?!?!?!?!?

Have a wonderful day!!


Kristina B said...

Hi Sharon: thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog. I like the style on yours... although my "kids" are inanimate objects and so I have pretty much unimpeded time to knit/cfraft/blog except when JJ (my D commonlaw H) wants to get fed (our deal - he cleans, I cook - we each fall short on this commitment... but anyway... I have the long end of the straw as there are just so many tasty convenience and pre-cooked foods out there..)

But I'm blathering. Thanks again.

Ragan Knits etc... said...

Yikes...sounds like here. I would love to craft...but every moment of time is eaten up by three children with busy schedules and home maintenance. I have to fix a hole in the drywall, and repaint the ceiling in the boys room (yup, they are boys for certain).