Wednesday, October 17, 2007

99 posts about me on the blog...

Good thing I didn't stick to my post a day rule.
What have I learned in the last 99 posts and my venturing through blogland?
1. I am not alone - there are other mothers out there who feel the same way I do. Here is a prime example of what I mean. Mother who knows it all
2. Frogging is good and shows I learn from my mistakes. Even if I should have frogged the Firestarter right away instead of turning the heel and an inch.
3. A good yarn stash is essential for a balanced knitting/crochet life. Even if when you look at it for yarn it never has the right one for the pattern you want to do now.
4. WHO CARES WHAT OTHERS THINK!!!!! If you like the yarn and the pattern and you are making it for you, you can make purple Beanis or pigeon coloured socks. If it satisfies something within you creative genius, that is all that matters.
5. You can knit at home alone and still be linked to so many people. This is the ultimate. The Secret of the Stole Kal (for which hint 2 has stalled around row 115 as I now have the computer again); SAM4 well can 2 complete socks that don't match count - wait a minute don't even have that for October; Harvest Sock Swap - no need to worry about SSS as you only have to knit one (unless of course the pattern you give is also the pattern you receive - not my problem this time around!) and SP11 - I have the best pal and she seems to know just what to say and send to make my day and knowing, that something I sent someone, also makes their day is awesome.
6. It's okay to change the pattern or yarn or needles. Everyone has different tensions (for crafting and other things) and I have to figure out what works for me.
7. Just because someone has 3 or more books out for sale, does not mean that they don't still have to pay bills or fix problems or fly regular class or ... They are just people doing their job - which involves being paid for something they love!!
8. The housework does not get done if you knit for the evening or the weekend. This used to happen to me when I went to the library on Thursday night and checked out 4 new release novels with a 7 day loan rule and read them before the weekend was over. There is no housework fairy - or she doesn't live in our house.
9. Go to sleep when you are tired because a tired knitter makes mistakes and then has to fix them later (or refuses stubbornly to go to bed until the mistakes are fixed and causes all sorts of other problems).

That's all I have for now. The gurlz are well and I am well and now I must quick make some icing and then off to bed (cause the dishes don't run away if you don't wash them).

Thanks for all your support and comments and well, must find something special for someone.


Anonymous said...

how did i miss the "beanis"? i remember the "snatchel"... okay - i love the anticraft. not always politically correct, but always amusing!
maybe my lunch time s'n'b at work could make beanises (or whatever the plural is) just to freak people out!

Anonymous said...

oops - forgot to sign that - your sp 11 spoiler! ; )