Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Some things ...

... are impossible to work on.
Tomorrow, the guy who is taking over the church books from me will be here at 8:00 ish and they are a mess. i don't even care - the work I spent over 3 hours doing in September in order to prepare a financial statement was not backed up on my disc and therefore I can either redo it or say *&$#%&* and just give him what is there.
I am very excited as I managed to put the borders on the charity quilt and I feel, considering that 6 or so different people, all with different sewing styles, have worked on it, it looks really good. Hopefully the rest think so to.
Knitting - I am loving my I love Gansey, but just so worried my swap partner won't. Confidence is a hard thing for me especially when it involves doing something that the other person also has the ability to do. Arrgghh.
Big gurlz socks and the secret stole are on hiatus as the quilt and the swap socks were priorities. The church books, well hopefully Gordon wants to work through them with me - he is retired so he has a little more time too! I've paid everything except the visiting pastors, cause I still don't know what or when they preached. Must remember that for tomorrow.
Halloween was fun - little gurl was a cute elephant (did not wear the 'head') and big gurl was a unicorn for trick or treating (same head deal). Little gurl's dad joined us and this was good as we walked over to Don and Diane's (the long way) and then had to walk back. Lots of goodies in the other room. Not even interested right now, but hey there's always tomorrow.
At work, we are in the midst of a book sale for our annual GCWCC (charity) campaign. I am the committee chair and actually feel pretty good about it. So today I got to work early and tomorrow I will go later (maybe work on the paperwork that I am not doing now).
Friday night, Shannon and her gurls are coming for a sleep over - here's hoping that the sewer doesn't decide to cause problems this time around!!! Shannon and I want to knit together, so that should be fun.
Sunday we have lunch at Grandma's as big gurl's dad is around.
Maybe Monday I can work at our life being back to normal?!?!?


Ragan Knits etc... said...

Hmmm...all that stuff sounds pretty normal to me. Hahaha. Life is busy and hectic.
I hope that all goes well, and you get some knitting time!

nanaknits said...

Sharon, you have such a busy full life, I am amazed at what you accomplish. I have faith in your abilities and am sure I will love the sock yarn and pattern combo you picked! Take care

Anonymous said...

i am so JEALOUS! yeah - i know - giving away something else about myself - but we aren't doing ANYTHING about the GCWCC this year aside from the payroll deductions. i'd better get that d*&^$$d box shipped so i can tell you more! ; )

your semi-anonymous sp 11 spoiler...