Sunday, March 30, 2008

A new week has begun

happy Sunday evening everyone!!
It was a busy weekend - bathing suit shopping will kill anyone, and add two children into the mix, it's lucky there was a Second Cup coffee shop around.
I went to the coffee store to exchange my concrete coffee for a more palatable one. I opted out of the Maple Harvest as she couldn't say for sure that it wasn't the same batch. Plenty on the shelves. There was a lovely Vanilla Hazelnut, which was fresh ground that morning, so I chose it. Interestingly enough, she stated it likely wasn't concrete/cement as they figure it is chunks of the ceiling from the roaster's building. As someone with new drywall ceilings in some rooms, I know what those old ceilings have in them and that is not something you want to say to a coffee lover. My coffee this morning was lovely, but I'm not certain I will shop there again (at $6 for 8 oz, I'm not wanting anything but the best coffee thank you).
I lied in my last post. I forgot one of my sock clubs. Funny that, it was really bothering me that I felt I had forgotten something. I won a place in a sock club that has interested my for some time. Scout's Swag Sock Club. I knew more money had left my account than I remembered. Now granted, i joined the Flock Sock back in February, so that doesn't really count (or does it).
Anyways, I am a member of the Sock Stash Elimination Campaign, so I need to start using some of this sock yarn. The problem is that I have a number of projects on the needles - only 2 of which are sock weight yarn.
They are: (in order of priority)
1. Sis's afghan - Malabrigo (10 skeins at 216 yds per.... just balled skein 6) 7 of 16 blocks done
2. Monica - BS Cotton Fleece - have 4 skeins of this - front tank part is done, back is half. Each from their own skein as hate weaving extra ends (and have two...) currently my mindless knitting time project as have screwed up #1 too many times when trying to multitask.
3. Pop scarf - ends to weave in, block and add decoration
4. Squatty sidekick - knitted and felted, need to needle felt a design, cut and sew the lining and add the button.
5. Briggs & Little Tuffy Socks -(forgot about these) helping Mel learn sock knitting so cast these on 2 weeks ago. First sock is like an inch from heel. Top down, Paton's textured & trimmed socks (2 colours)
6. Cinderella sockettes - little gurl - this is out of sock yarn - skinny duet to be exact and is the second pair from this 'duo' skein. one is done, 2nd is about a 1/4 of the way
7. Saartje booties - same yarn as above - JUST NEEDS SEAMING
8. Guinevere - I have less than half of clue 7 and 8 to do yet. And they involve decreasing.
9. Dashing - one is almost done, 2 not even started...
10. Baby afghan - it was for the little gurl. About one skein left to do.
11. Matching baby sweater - just needs seaming (sense a trend here
12. Cropped sweater - BSA dyed cotton, out of yarn and still deciding....will likely frog.
13. Moeibus head scarf - over halfway. Just need some mindless knitting time not occupied with Monica.
14. Opal (i think) Mom's Second sock - don't like what I did with the first, don't want to repeat, but the yarn won't frog. Thinking it makes a great stocking and will use the remaining yarn for something else.
15. Sis's scarf - one of these days. Out of Carmen I think and just not so nice to work with after Malabrigo.
16. Savannah (sotsii) - 6 rows in is still 6 rows in...
... and I still have to block my Koolhaas.
My fingers are just itching to cast on some little finger gloves for me.
So am I going to make any stupid non yarn promises for next month? No, but I am going to try to finish at least 5 of the above items before I cast something else on. And, except for renewing my Robyn's Nest Club for May (I know when I am beat - but she has Noro Sock yarn and I am resisting that!!!!!) I am going to do my best to only buy yarn when I am on vacation in Florida and when I am shopping for coffee swap pal.
In order to help me in this endeavor, I sincerely wish that all the people whose blogs i peruse will not post any new cute projects or yarns. That way I will be happy with my stuff and not want to make these or this or....
I mean it's not like I don't have boxes of patterns and stuff, plus unlimited web options already.
Have a good week if I forget to post later...
and of course there is always the Firestarters. Does casting these on after frogging count as a WIP or a new item?


Knit & Purl Mama said...

I can't wait to see what Scout's Club sends!

Knit & Purl Mama said...

I won't tell anyone if some Noro Sock ends up in your order :)

Anonymous said...

eh eh I saw those handcuffs in Cass Blog lol they're a must! :)

Have a great week* kiss*

Miss Me said...

some noro sock followed me home the other day... and if the project has been completely frogged, i think it counts as a new project. don't want to many old WIPs (or UFOs) hanging around.

Nell said...

I'm out of Scout's Swag this round. So I'm really excited to see what she comes up with. Glad you got coffee with out drywall in it. I can't believe they wouldn't pull the whole batch.