Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thursday already?

What a week - I was home Monday to get stuff back in order after construction completion. Worked a little. Tuesday and Wednesday were shorter days at work due to stupidity on part of financial institution - bouncing a cheque even when the money is there and coming up with a likely excuse. Had to get a bank draft (would have done originally but was sick on that day). Thank goodness for understanding friends. On the plus side - the clearance clothes I ordered from Sears are going to be perfect for Florida, as they fit.
Wednesday - left sick and spent today home sick. Just a head cold - but the turn your head the wrong way, pounding sinuses, headache, don't stand up to quick kind. Maybe something to do with the fact that Monday was sweater weather and Tuesday was freezing and Wednesday was a nasty blizzard and today was melt the snow and by tomorrow night back to Blizzard.
How is my no yarn buying going? good, except need another skein of Blue Sky Alpaca dyed cotton in colour 623 (toffee) of dyelot 0317. Anyone who can help me? Will trade or send money or firstborn child (who was home cause she was also 'unwell' and considering how bad I felt, thought she must be really sick indeed. HAH.
What do I need the Blue sky for? well I am trying to knit a comfy sweater - based on this. I have 300 yards and the main colour needs more like 450. So if you can help.
I know I have a whole slew of projects to do, but since I didn't have the yarn to make these (okay perhaps I have enough for one of them, but not in the mood to make another wool project right now and the yarns available were not quite what I wanted) and am knitting along, I cast on for something new. I'm thinking of turning it into a cardigan and shaping a little sooner for that deep neck. We'll see. Need more yarn first.
I am planning on joining the Spring Coffee Swap - sign ups start March 20the so get the word out. Love coffee.
What else - new bed not here yet - hopefully tomorrow, before the snow flies. Am cancelling my armoire as the current desk will do and looks good where I put it.
Laundry - did the bleach soak/dip on a bunch of the gurls stuff. works great, but can't put my hands anywhere near my face. Sneezing nightmare.
10 days of no school for big gurl - 11 if you count today. At least there is daycare in the world. If only my head didn't hurt so much.


nanaknits said...

So many enablers, so little yarn and time! Hope you feel better soon. Our weather has been doing the exact same thing. My head is on the verge of a meltdown too. 20's this week 50's next! Bah!

Heather said...

Blizzard what is SNOW??? Now ask me about rain!
Have a great week:)

Ragan Knits etc... said...

Yikes! I hope that you are feeling better...I am coming down with some sort of cold...ugh...oh well.
Take care!!!!