Thursday, March 27, 2008

Passage of time and thoughts

I went to bed last night happy that I had posted something.
Then I realized that although I read all my emails, the current updates to my blogs and commented on a number of them, I did not actually write anything.
Some great knitting is going on - the sis's afghan has 5 blocks (of 16) and Monica has a front and the back is coming along. I plan on knitting the ruffle in one piece.
We have applied for our passports and they have an ETA of April 10th - good, cause we leave less than 4 weeks from today. I will be in Florida in 4 weeks time. Hurray.
I am a member of 4 yarn/sock yarn clubs. I don't know how it happened. There is the Lucky Lurker Sock Club . Love the yarn - 2 colours and the patterns. Then there is the Robyn's Nest Sock Club- Canadian dyer and pattern designer with sweet stitch markers each month. Guess that would be easy to quit as you purchase monthly, but haven't managed to quit yet. Kind of cool, way different for me is the Tsock Flock Club. The first kit is set to come soon and involves yarn and pattern. That is the Yarn Harlot's fault. Finally, the Plucky Knitter Classics got me on Tuesday. And I wasn't supposed to buy any yarn until the end of June (except as required and I was in a weather funk, so some cheerful club yarn is essential... right?!?!?

Sitting here with the afghan on my lap - have to frog rows 1 and 2 already of the second block as forgot am working on strip 3 not 2 and thus it should mirror strip 1 in placement of patterned blocks however that doesn't work with the way I want my chevrons to go. stupid redhead didn't think that far ahead.

I am only in one swap this spring - the Spring Fling Coffee and Yarn Swap . My coffee this morning was one I was likely going to pick up for my pal (provided flavoured coffees were in her list) and for Crystal from my last swap. Unfortunately the chunk of concrete in it has me thinking otherwise. Seriously, and I thought my tastebuds were shot the other day when my mind said this tastes like dirt - just added some more flavoured creamer and called it tasty.
Called the shop that sells it - this is not uncommon to them. Perhaps there should be a warning on the outside of the parcel - or better yet, better inspection of your products. She said it was from their supplier and arrived in with the whole roasted beans and.... IT IS CONCRETE AND TASTES LIKE CONCRETE AND THIS PIECE IS BIGGER THAN A COFFEE BEAN. I don't care if you've wrecked a couple of grinders on this or whatever, perhaps you better do something about it as I can't be the only person who has that concrete dust taste in her mouth.
Perhaps if the coffee had been cheap I wouldn't be upset, but I could have bought 2 packages of my favourite president's choice blend for the price of this and it doesn't even smell like maple and it TASTES LIKE CONCRETE.
I was very polite to the lady from the distributor/grinding company and will go in and get my replacement package. I think I will buy myself a grinder. And ask her for whole beans this time around. At least then I can 'strain' out the concrete chunks before I grind.
I promise not to give this coffee to my swap partner.
Ruined my whole coffee day.
(okay now am going to try to put links in all the places I want them)
all done - enjoy the read (I have no clue how to put lines through what I've written so i just leave it here)


Crystal said...

CONCRETE!!?!??!?!?! How can they do that? Is not uncommon! I can't believe it, you have to tell me where its from. It's not the stuff I sent you is it?????

Anonymous said...

OMG!! Concrete? Damn... We never know what they sell us, do we?.. kiss*

Nell said...

Concrete in your coffee?!?!?!? I had to read that twice because I couldn't believe it. They should be horrified!

Heather said...

Ugh that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The coffe you sent me is GREAT!!!! I am going to send you the Blossom dress, I am not sure of the sizes. I got it on ravelry I think. I went with it not the Debbie Bliss Mabel, b/c of the size 2 needles required for Mabel!

Knit & Purl Mama said...

The chick who does the Tsock Flock club is dying my May kits!! She's awesome!

Post some pics of your sock yarn!!!

Batty said...

Bad coffee really can ruin the day. Ugh.