Wednesday, July 23, 2008

From FO to WIP

Generally speaking if I post about an FO - it has not been blocked or something.
I had 6 FOs to show off - blocked and all. But now I have 5.
I am too sad to show the 5 that are fine (and I did forget a picture of one).
Because my lovely scarf is once again a WIP. My little gurl and my nephew - the oldest brother to little Brianna - had scissors and for some reason selected my lovely scarf to clip a little whole in. I was pretty calm. It's just over two rows in moss stitch - it will invisible seam up and yay - the scarf was almost dry from it's blocking.
Last night at knit night, Charles helped me reskein the 3 pattern repeats and edge that I had knit. It was over 3 rows. 3 measly rows and only 6 stitches affected, but after a half hour of trying, I asked for a vote. Consensus was to frog. And I did. The yarn needs a good soak and then weighing before reknitting it as it is quite kinky.
Now I know why I never finish anything.
On the plus side - I finished a lovely matching head wrap for the scarf (except button and blocking).
I have not bought new yarn for at least a month. I didn't renew my Lucky Lurker's club (that really hurt) and I am not ordering any more of Robyn's sock clubs.
I still get yarn though. The last lucky lurker and plucky knitter clubs came in and I have the Tsock Flock and Scout's Swag which will run until February I believe.
I am enjoying knitting from my stash.
Now if I could get over the pain of a FO turning back into a WIP, I will be fine.
Then I will show yarny and FO-ey goodness.
OH and there is a parcel at the post office for me!!! HURRAY.
Tomorrow, tomorrow....


Heather said...

Gurl, how you get it all done I will never know!!!!! Ugh about the scarf!!!!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

It's too bad you are missing out on August Sock Club (my pattern!)

We will miss you in the club.

You do have my July Sock Club kit coming, it's on it's way!