Saturday, July 12, 2008

Childless Saturday...

...and so much to do, no time to knit (does seaming count?)
Megan went with Norah and her Dad today. She has been begging for awhile, but D#2 never responded quite in a positive manner. He did last weekend and we sort of planned it - and it happened today.
What will I do with myself?
Clean kitchen and bathroom
Mow Lawn - likely not as stinkin humid and not wanting to make self sick (did that a little on Tuesday and last Sunday)
Shop for - water, swimmers, nail clippers - there are 2 in this house...somewhere, bras - why is it just when they fit oh so nice, they wear out.
Garbage clean up
Vacuum car

Where am I on this list?
1 load of laundry washed
1 sink of dishes washed
paper recycling and boxes for moving friend outside
front flower bed weeded while waiting for D#2 to arrive and waterlogged tomato repotted.

I have 8 tomato plants, 4 basil plants and a half barrel of pea plants.
Nothing to compete with Finny or Robyn, but my yard needs some big machinery to help it out.
And then next year.... (or the year after that or ....)

On the knitting front, I have located all my WIP's in the living room - lots of light for the seams, and readily available. Currently I am working on sock #2 of the cinderella socks for Norah that were supposed to be for Megan(fingering weight on size 2.0). I worked the toe last night and coming up the sole - about halfway.
In the stack of WIP's are:
Firebird Socks - just need to add the embroidery
Guinevere - halfway through clue 7 (still) and # 8 yet
Moeibus scarf - a seam away from completion
Dashing - one and a bit to go
Savannah/Charleston - uhm I finished the first 6 rows
Monica - seams and straps (deseamed as hated how it looked)
Norah's baby afghan and sweater - afghan needs likely another ball and sweater - imagine that, some seams
Lizard Ridge - this is a true WIP as I will knit it when I feel like it and it does not cause me stress by being undone
Socks - to the heel on one, but doesn't appear to fit. Probably will be frogged.
Electrical Queen - crochet and a travel with me project - coming out to narrow but looks so cool
Couvercle - for Norah out of stash yarn - the knitting is done, just need to crochet the brim
Norah's Crown - I think I have 2 points done, but was working in beads this time so....
Fuzzy novelty scarf - I pick it up and knit a few rows every now and then. Lets just say I destashed the rest of this yarn.
Pop Scarf - needs blocking and decorating.
ugh I need to go now and do some of the other things on my 'non hobby list'

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Knit & Purl Mama said...

You are too funny! I'm just a first time gardener!