Saturday, August 2, 2008

WIP'in it along and a little bit of this

So the FO that is now a WIP has been refrogged to the starting point again and I am back up a pattern repeat. Did that make any sense? The gurlz started swimming lessons this week (Mon, Wed, Fri right after work) and I took the scarf along - small project, really have pattern memorized and... Chatting away last night (both gurlz have friends from daycare in their classes, so Mum has someone to chat with) I look at my knitting and BAM - totally forgot a 4 row repeat- right off the bat. I wisely stopped knitting then and took it home to fix. It has now been fixed and the full pattern repeat completed. I think I will add a pattern repeat in - have enough yarn left and it will make it that little bit longer.
I, wait for it here, finished my stole. sots i - Guinevere - is complete. Ends are not woven in and blocking not done, but the knittin' part is complete. I finished it Thursday night - and wrapped it around the big gurl - looked great. Never thought to take a picture. Considering that sots iii starts mid August, and sots ii has only 6 rows done... just in time as far as I'm concerned.
Whenever it gets blocked, there will be pictures. Truly.
I am working on a gift for my Ravelry Swap on a Budget pal, and that parcel needs to go out soon. I bought one of the books she wanted from the Interweave Press hurt book sale and found 5 other ones for me - all told, with shipping - I might have been able to buy 3 of them at full Canadian price - MIGHT. I am very excited. I picked up Wrap Style, Knitted Babes, Favourite Socks, Knitting on the Road and Knit so Fine. There are lots of patterns in my head.
For some totally amazing pictures - of a man's patience and the beauty of nature, go here. Isn't that awesome?
Renovation shopping is happening today and some work needs to be done too. We have a Civic Holiday on Monday and Tuesday is Stitch n Pitch in Toronto, so I have four day weekend. Hurray.
I think that's it for now - need to go stand up cause sitting on concrete pool decks is not healthy. Nuff said.


Knit and Purl Mama said...

I wanted to do the swap on a budget but apparently didnt make it even though I signed up. Oh well. Not sure what I did wrong.

I have some of those books you got, they're great.

Have a great long weekend!

Crystal said...

I am so jealous of your four day weekend! I do have a three day weekend coming up, no holiday, I just decided to take a Friday off and I am soooo excited.

Miss Me said...

can't wait to sots i. my beads arrived for iii yesterday, now i just need to do some swatching...