Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday - a time to PRESS ON

Warning a little bit of philosophy and God mentioned. IF you don't like it don't read it, however it's all positive. and there are also pictures of knitting afterwards.

I know I don't focus much on the biblical and Christian side of my life, but that is partly because I am in a 'coasting' period. However got a little wake up today from the pastor this morning. He said - you can't coast uphill. Deep trouble there - woah. He is right and I need to work on the pressing forward - he showed a clip from a Christian video - Fighting Giants (I think that is the title) and the one line really hit home. Attitude is the Aroma of the Heart. Wow. So I am going to work on my attitude and my coasting - maybe start some pedalling up that hill so I can reach the top. Press forward and onward instead of 'resting in place'. Believe me, treading water on your own is really tiring. I'm working really hard on trusting God to help me do these things.

On the knitting front, Monica now has two ruffles and is waiting a blocking, then seaming and then I plan to do the straps - that way I can try it on big gurl. Here is a pic of the front and back.

I'm sorry about the not quite clearness, but that is just the way the camera and the computer cooperate. I find it amazing how finishing one ruffle inspired me to complete the second in one day. I think it may have taken me a total of 3 hours. Now, to get inspired to do the seaming. I HATE SEAMING.
The next two pictures are of the afghan for sis. The first is the 2 completed panels. they are folded in half and resting on a standard size pillowcase. Some sweet amount of knitting there. The second is the 3rd panel in progress - 2 of 9 pattern repeats into the second of the four blocks. I think Monica will be in the sidelines awaiting seaming for a little. Anyone want to come for a visit and seam her up?


Miss Me said...

that's so true about coasting up hill. monica is adorable! i'd come and seam it, but it's a bit of a hike... the seaming may be like the ruffle. once you get one side done, the second won't be a big deal. can't wait to see it on big gurl.

nanaknits said...

I'm with you on how you feel about seaming! I guess faith is like that, sometimes it's the most important part of the project but we instinctively want to find an easier route! I've been getting the same "wake up call" about not coasting lately. I'll send up a prayer for energy for seams and everything else you've got going.

Ragan Knits etc... said...

Woo-hoo! Hurray for some knitting and pictures. that the movie with the football team that doesn't win...the coach is very poor and they cannot have a baby until of course, the end...lots of faith in between the team ends up with a winning season and so on.... Hmmmmm.....if not, oops.
Have a good day, and sometimes it feels as though everything is uphill. But, attitude is the aroma of the heart for sure. Things will look up soon. :o)

Nell said...

Seaming is the WORST! But it usually takes less time than you think. And then, Wa-la! You're done!