Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring Fling Topic 2

Since some of us are beginning to see glimpse of Spring, while others are still getting snow have you changed what projects are working on?
not really - I want to finish up a variety of WIPs and UFOs, but I did cast on Monica (tank top from knitty) for my daughter that has been queued for at least 9 months.
Have you put away the hats, scarfs and mittens, and brought out the cute tank top sweater projects and lacy wraps?
yes - the winter clothes are away, but I am knitting whatever suits my fancy and it appears it may be socks.
Have you changed yarn to something more lighter and cooler, not so heavy and bulky?
what I am buying is lighter weight as there is so much lovely summery stuff out there.


Nell said...

Yeah for Spring!

Ragan Knits etc... said...

We have put up the heavy winter wear...all except the coats which are still taunting me from the coat rack. I suppose I should put them up too. Nah, maybe first.