Monday, October 6, 2008

A little of this and that

On October 5th, 2005, my beautiful Norah was born. Yesterday she turned 3. Ahhh. Time flies when you are having fun. However, there are no photos as the camera I purchased when she was born has died and well, my Dad didn't send me any pictures yet.
Blithe is mostly complete- straps to do yet.
Sots iii - I am on the first of the decrease rows.
Everything else, is on the back burner.
But this past weekend was filled with housecleaning, furnace turning on, yardwork, curtain hanging, partying and life. So that is good too.
New yarn was acquired from my parent's trip to Holland. Regia - 4-FACH HALTBAR, in 4-faidg Jacquard Color # 5241. 2 skeins. Thanks Mom and Dad.
I am home for the fifth or sixth Monday in a row - Megan had too much fun this weekend and is all done in. Either that or she's coming down with something again. We are not going on vacation until after April 1, 2009 now.... (used up all my family days from work and am eating into vacation time now.... C'est la vie.
My tenant was able to use her bathtub on Friday - just like was promised. Imagine that - a contractor that lives up to his promises. I am going to ask him to give me a quote on my bathroom, my front door and her kitchen. Of course, I am also going to start playing the lottery now. Worth every penny he is though.


Nell said...

Happy Birthday, Norah!!!

Miss Me said...

good contractors are PRICELESS! i have one that i believe is a genius on some level.

sots iii - truth? i had no idea that there decreases in clue 8 until you told me! i had printed it and just concentrated on finishing clues 6 and 7...

Heather said...

priceless, does he work in Maryland? LOL
Happy Birthday to the little gurl!