Wednesday, October 15, 2008

once a week posting....Controlling the Clutter

So since I last wrote, i have completed
Blithe - except for the blocking;
Monica - except for the ends and blocking;
sots III - except for the ends and blocking;
Moeibus - except for the seam and blocking;
Ascot scarf - except for the trim, ends and blocking.
I am sensing a slight trend here....
I have started:
Ascot scarf mentioned above - now complete (black)
Triangle scarf/wrap for me - black
Qiviut scarf for Mom - black.
And I finally wore my Grasshopper scarf today, but plan to block before wearing again.
Also awaiting blocking - sots I.
And my grasshopper head wrap is waiting on a button and Megan's pop scarf is waiting embellishment...
Can anyone tell where I have issues?

On the purchasing front - I have purchased only the current magazine issues for Interweave Knits, and Vogue Knits along with a new magazine called Living Craft. The gurls have received some new DVDs - and me too, but that is entertainment and...
I didn't do too bad and got rid of a number of unnecessary items this past month. I am going to work on this for the next month also, however I do need to purchase some fibre products for a swap I am involved in, so...I will be purchasing some yarn/fibrey goodness this week.
Anyone have some Merino/Tencel roving in manly colours?!?!??
I did pretty well considering we had to buy some pants for the big gurl as she grew a bit, but all in all


Nell said...

Swap purchases are SO allowed! You still have to have fun, right?!?!?! Plus, it's not like you are creating clutter in your house!

Batty said...

I'm trying to declutter as we speak. It's not easy!