Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A little bit of this and that. (2)

I was home today with a plugged up big gurl. The release for her came around 2 this afternoon, which was too late to go to work and school. Phew. We get this about once every 6 months and I would guess this was caused by vacation and then back to normal. We are going to slow down the dairy and try some soy milk and multivitamins (no iron).
The laundry is all washed (except for today's kids wear). There is a lot of pink in our closets and also blues. Interesting.
The yard is cleared of last falls leaves and the grass is mowed and the planters with dead plants in them have been emptied and the dirt is waiting some new activity.
There are only two blocks left in sis's afghan - and already I was thinking what next - there is my silk garden one though (whatever the flippin name is).
It's not that there are no projects on my needles. I have two FOs (one gift and one for big gurl), about 5 almost FOs (buttons and blocking required), 6 UFOs (not being worked on and likely not for a while) and aside from the afghan, 4 projects that are worked on here and there.
One is my Firebird socks from the Tsock Flock Club. I am doing them 2 at a time on circular needle and things are going well. As it is a 2.0 mm needle, progress seems slow, but I have finished the toes and the first angled feather pattern repeat. There is also the baby blanket I cast on for on Monday night - for the newest nephew - Tymon Shawn. He was born at 1:30 in the morning on May 5, 2008 - great delivery as they didn't have time to go to hospital and were resting peacefully when proud Dad called to deliver the news. The gurls are greatly outnumbered - 7 to 3 for the boys. And one more due in July - unknown sex.
I'm going to sleep now as I'm tired and the little gurl gets up at some unknown hour and crawls in with me and then I get little sleep after that.
Oh - new DVD/VCR player purchased today as last one was a loaner and it told me I was BAD. not sure what was wrong, but needed one with a remote anyways. Hooked it up and it worked properly the 3rd time I tried...
Good night


Nell said...

I'm glad to hear the gurls are feeling better.

And there's no worries about UFO's. Knitting is supposed to be fun, right?

Batty said...

Prunes help. As do lentils. A pear, some water, and a walk also work wonders.

Knit & Purl Mama said...

Congrats on the news of your nephew!