Wednesday, May 21, 2008

An afghan and some socks

So I have finished the knitting on sis's afghan - that was Sunday morning before church. Plenty of time to seam the whole thing...right?
uh no.
However my firebirds are on row 70 of the last pattern (goes to 82) and then just the hem and bam a PAIR of socks. Of course this particular pair comes with some additional embroidery detail required... but one day. I knit them two at a time on one circ. (except for the heels).
Sis arrives tomorrow. I plan on getting that afghan done - seamed, edged and blocked before she comes over on the 27th. Sounds like a good project for tomorrow night.

I have that cold - the one that my coffee swap pal in the UK had and my hot cocoa pal in Portugal had and a couple of others too.
Stupid cold weather- MARCH was warmer than May is proving to be...
Hopefully June will warm us up...


Nell said...

Bravo on being almost done on the afghan! That's impressive!

Have fun with your sis and feel better soon!

Half Assed said...

Well I did not have the cold not that we have smooched lately!! Excited to see the socks....Is there really a fire bird on them???
I am stressed today, got any boozy.....beverages???