Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April Showers bring....

...gorgeous evening sunsets.
...beautiful tulips and daffodils.
...home renovations.
...capris and soccer shoes.

But then I pick up my knitting and forget it for a long time.

However, the 2 cracks in my 'plastic' tub surround have me with minute issues.
I sense more renovation hell.

But my big girl will be 8 next week. where has the time flown. So I will plan a tea party party.
And then I will plan renovation hell.
Life is awesome. Especially when someone, anyone, gives you one of those hugs and kisses.
My girls make it worthwhile.


Miss Me said...

oh yes - renovation hell... i've tlived there on and off for many years. have you considered "magic putty"? (no - i'm not serious but it would be cheaper and easy than true renos.)

Suzyn said...

A-men to the hugs!

Anonymous said...

:o)...tea party!