Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Life and all that

So, we are better now. Poor Megan got the mild version of the cold/bug which unfortunately just dra-a--a-a-a-a--a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a--a-a-a-a-ags on.
Last night Norah stayed in her own bed all night and since I switched my iron pills to reasonable hours, all is well there too.
In knitting land, the February Lady's Sweater is complete- except for buttons.
A Better Bucket is complete - but is definitely not better.
Wedgette is on the way but I can't get gauge on the sleeves.
My rainbow sock has a mate being made - just before the gusset increases.
And in the queue??!?!?!?
more stuff than I know what to do....owls, a vest of some sort, a tank top, another hat or 7,... and the list goes on.

And somewhere in my house something is beeping. I have checked and turned off the cell phone. It isn't the camera. The carbon monoxide sensor is fine, the fire alarms are fine. The portable phones are all on the chargers. The indoor outdoor thermometer (all of which is inside) could be at fault, does one tell? There is the ear thermometer - I will go check that. not the ear thermometer either.
This is interesting to say the least - oh and it only beeps a lot when you are sitting doing something, as soon as you get up....all quiet on the housing front.

Okay on the inside maybe - outside it is blowing and raining and blustering... well maybe spring is coming in like a lion?

hmm i wonder if the beeping is that computer thing of Megan's... nope, not that either.


Nell said...

Good luck finding the beep! That would really drive me crazy!!!

Miss Me said...

okay - that made me laugh! we have MANY randomly beeping things around here. i know the beeps of the ones that important to me and just ignore the rest. why do kids toys have to be so noisy?